First 2 km of virtual fence installed in Romania!

On 20 July the first 2 km of virtual fence were installed in the Romanian project area, on the national Road DN1, between Brașov and Timișul de Sus. Representatives of the company that developed the virtual fence devices, iPTE, have travelled to Romania to assist the local team with the installation and putting in function of the devices. This is a first experimental installation on a sample track of 2 km, after which the functioning of the devices will be monitored and, in case of need, technical adaptations of the functioning of the virtual fence will be made.

This project is funded with the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union

Photos: Manuel Moral Castro; Haritakis Papaioanou, Balkan Chamois Society, Pindos, Valentino Mastrella/PNALM, Angelina Iannarelli/PNALM