First Interventions for the improvement of structures (passages) of the section “Siatista – Koromilia” of the Egnatia Motorway, Greece

EGNATIA ODOS S.A. has started implementing the interventions on the motorway section “Siatista – Koromilia” (Action C.2), after the completion of evaluation of the structures (Action A.4), as for their use by wild fauna for crossing the motorway.

The interventions are mainly:

  • Planting around the entrances of structures, to create an attractive environment for animals
  • Pruning and debris removal, to facilitate animal crossings
  • Construction of “dry corridors” or ramps inside the structures
  • Light-screens for light protection of structure entrances
  • Existing fencing corrections, to prevent animals from entering the motorway, or facilitate their escape from it

The first interventions concern existing fencing corrections. 

This project is funded with the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union

Photos: Manuel Moral Castro; Haritakis Papaioanou, Balkan Chamois Society, Pindos, Valentino Mastrella/PNALM, Angelina Iannarelli/PNALM