First awareness raising panels installed in Italy!

The LIFE SAFE-CROSSING project is entering its core phase in Italy! After an initial study phase we have started the installation of information panels to raise the awareness of drivers on the importance to decrease speed and drive carefully. The first panels have been installed in Majella National Park and in Terni Province. The panels, which have been developed by a team of experts of the project and with the neuromarketing technique, will be installed also in the Abruzzo National Park. Totally 91 such panels will be installed on the roads. In Abruzzo Region this is a result of the close collaboration with ANAS, which has formally supported the LIFE SAFE-CROSSING project and has authorized the installation of the panels on the roads under its authority.

This project is funded with the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union

Photos: Manuel Moral Castro; Haritakis Papaioanou, Balkan Chamois Society, Pindos, Valentino Mastrella/PNALM, Angelina Iannarelli/PNALM