The main actions implemented will be:


Monitoring activities are divided in ex ante monitoring in order to estimate the impact of road mortality on the target species before the start of the project, and ex post monitoring in order to evaluate the efficacy of concrete conservation actions.

The monitoring program will include

  • Analysis of the amount and distribution of road mortality of the target species (identification of hotspots)
  • Mapping existing crossing structures in the project area
  • Direct monitoring of wildlife mortality on the selected road segments (hot spots)
  • Monitoring of the vehicular traffic on the road segments
  • Monitoring of the functioning of the AVC PS and the active warning reflectors
  • Monitoring of the use of the readapted underpasses through camera-trapping
  • Develop a geodatabase of the road kills as a management tool to identify more risky area of accidents with wildlife 

Prevention of Animal-Vehicle Collisions

  • Installation of 27 AVC Prevention Systems
  • Installation of  active warning reflectors on 34 km of roads in the project area
  • Readaptation of round 100 underpasses to favor animal movements
  • Management of the vegetation on the road sides in order to reduce Animal vehicle collisions
  • Elaboration and installation of specific road panels, designed trough the application of the neuromarketing technique, to raise awareness of drivers about the risk of collision with the target species.

Dissemination and public awareness activities

  • Information campaigns to raise awareness of people about the impact of vehicular traffic on the target species
  • Organization of local, national and international meetings and workshops in order to present and discuss the results of the project and to promote replication of the best practices
  • Specific information campaigns in the local driving school
  • Develop of a hybrid APP that provides real-time feedback to users
  • Develop a videogame “Avoid the animal” in order to better involve the young generation
  • Production of a short documentary on the project activities
  • Production of a TV/RADIO spot to raise awareness of people on the roadkill phenomenon

This project is funded with the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union

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Photos: Manuel Moral Castro; Haritakis Papaioanou, Balkan Chamois Society, Pindos, Valentino Mastrella/PNALM, Angelina Iannarelli/PNALM